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Until 2021 Robin Lysne's books have focused on energy medicine, poetry and creating personal rituals in most of her publications. 
In 2021 she is launching her new Ancestral Women's Series of novels that she is writing for a larger audience. These books will uncover the strong and self-determined lives of ancestors who lived extraordinary lives. 
The first book in that series is The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood. Listen to the book launch here:
There is a fantastic review by Elizabeth McKenzie (author of the Portable Veblen, and Stop that Girl and editor of Catamaran, and Chicago Quarterly Review) and a exciting dialog about the first two books. See more endorsements below. 
Book Two: The Legend of Randine: The Laerdal Letters

The Leardal Letters, brings the reader with Randine into the back country of the Sognfjord, 150 miles inland from Bergen, to central rural Norway. How is she accepted, and will she and Ola get together? 
This inspiring novel moves a young woman from a pregnant teen to a loving woman of service to her community. Learn more about Randine's journey and how she overcame 
obstacles to serve her Sisterhood.

Endorsements for The Legendary Women's Ancestor Series: 

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood, 

and The Legend of Randine, the Laerdal Letters

Robin Lysne transports us to nineteenth century Norway in this beautifully written story of the spirited midwife Randine. I admired this atmospheric and carefully researched historical novel immensely.

Elizabeth McKenzie

author of The Portable Veblen

Santa Cruz, CA


The Legend of Randine is filled with surprising discoveries. Through the multiple uncertainties of Norway in transition, Randine finds her survival and acceptance tied with a sisterhood of midwives who assist women through the dangers and joys of childbirth using time-honored skills and caring. Randine’s life story could be that of many women of early 1800’s Norway.  Losses, chance and unlikely opportunities coincide with complex people in her life to engage the reader through a rich landscape of a time otherwise hidden to us.

Ralph Knudson, M.D. and Musician

LaCrosse, WI


My own Norwegian ancestry initially drew me to The Legend of Randine, and I was quickly engaged by the story of Randine. I highly recommend this beautifully written novel, not only for its compelling characters, but also for its previously untold drama of the development of midwifery in rural Norway. 

Ruth Olsen Saxton

Professor Emerita of English

Mills College

Oakland, CA


The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood begins the fascinating life of a young woman, called to be a midwife in the first half of the 1800's. It's accurate detail and pace sweeps one along in a stirring story based on historical fact with a gripping narrative.


Nan Heerens-Knudson, M.A., P.A.

Playwright, Actress and Artist

LaCrosse, WI

NEW! Legendary Women Ancestor Series: Book One: 

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood


Based on a true story, set in Bergen, Norway in the 1820’s, this warm-hearted work of historical fiction traces the life of Randine, a young, pregnant girl abandon by her family and church. She encounters terrible loss and rejection, only to find herself under the wing of her midwife and mentor, Ursula. Ursula helps to bring Randine through her grief and into the knowledge of midwifery, where she finds her life’s work in support of others like herself.

As her story unfolds, Randine becomes stronger through her inner revelations rather than placing her faith in the local church. Ursula helps interpret and guide Randine as she experiences dreams and visions of the ancient Norse tradition, the Sisterhood of Freya. The Sisterhood is a supportive group of women, in the Viking tradition, who help other women step into their authentic selves. Her initiation into the Sisterhood changes Randine’s life. Along the way, Randine opens her heart to love again.

Randine becomes one of many midwifes who were part of a population boom in the early part of the 19th century. The Legend of Randine tells the story of how one young woman grew and matured, despite social norms and restrictions, to move into service and healing for others in the same predicament.

The author shares this story of her great-great-great-great Grandmother, Randine, honoring an everyday hero of healing and service. This is the first book in the author’s new Ancestral Woman’s Series. The second book in this series shares the exciting next chapters in Randine life as she builds a career and discovers new love among the fields and fjords of Laerdal, a tiny village 150 miles inland in the backwater of the Sogn og Fjordane of Western Norway.

The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood
The Legend of Randine: The Laerdal Letters
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The Legend of Randine: 
The Laerdal Letters

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anta Cruz Writes Program that Launched my second novel:
Santa Cruz Writes Program that Launched my second novel:

More Books by Robin Lysne
Dancing Up the Moon, and Living a Sacred Life, were published by Conari Press, Berkeley, CA. While these are out of print, Ceremonies from the Heart is a revised edition of these two books with additional chapters on boys, men, and how we can listen to and help the Mother Earth. All other books are available by clicking on the links below.
Ceremonies from the Heart, for Children, Adults and the Earth
Ceremonies from the Heart teaches you how to create meaningful passages for any occasion, including birthdays, adolescent rites of passage, marriage, injuries, surgery, natural disasters, respecting elders, death, and more. A total of thirty-seven actual ceremonies are included in the book along with the tools for each of us to use for various life changing circumstances.

What people are saying: 

"We must all be thankful that Robin Lysne, drawing on her sensibility as a poet and her wisdom as a mystic, has given us (in her books) the practical and spiritual guidance necessary to sustain the energies of the creative person of our era." 

Brian Swimme, Ph.D. Professor at California Institiude of Integral Studies, author of the The Universe Story with Thomas Berry, and many other. 

"This heartfelt book offers simple solutions and effective ways to experience the power of your connections and enrich your daily life."

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. author of Kitchen Table Wisdom, Former Medical Director, Commonweal Cancer Help Program. 

"A Celebratory Book of Days which, with skill and verve, leads the reader to transform daily life into sacred time, sacred space-- routine becomes rarified, and life moves from mundane to mystery." 

Jean Houston, Ph.D. author of The Possible Human and many others. 

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Ceremonies from the Heart


Heart Path Handbook, for Therapists and Healers
Heart Path Handbook offers the reader ways to love themselves without limits. It teaches Therapists and Healers how to use Heart Path, a process the author teachers in workshop and seminars. Details include illustrations of how people present various configurations in their energy fields, such as getting "twisted around themselves", or aligning with their light as well as illustrations of the aura, chakras and how we function metaphysically. 
The book is a treasure for anyone interested in letting go of "victim/perpetrator" patterns, or other negative patterns that hold us back. It gives the reader lessons, guided imagery, and support through it's workbook 81/2" x 11" format. 
Like Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides, Heart Path Handbook contains channeled information from Dr. Lysne's guidance, though most of this book is written by the author. 
authors such as Louise Hay, Carl Jung, and the Dalai Lama XVI all concur that Self love is a critical area of the human psyche that needs to be addressed. 

"Love is the greatest miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives." Louise Hay, Heal your Body
"The most terrifying thing is accept oneself completely." C.G. Jung
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." Dalai Lama XVI, The Art of Happiness

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Heart Path Handbook


Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening To your Guides
Heart Path is a book for everyone interested in understanding that self love can lead to Self Love. In fact learning to love the self is the essential link standing between us and our authentic spirit. Full of guided imagery inspired by the author's guidance, Heart Path is a process based on Boddichitta form of Tibetian Buddhist meditation. However the meditation as experienced in Heart Path, supports a recognition of the various aspects within a person that need the love of our higher and wiser selves. Dr. Lysne outlines five aspects that are essential in a whole person, and gives the reader ways to become more aware of them within the self. Eventually these aspects spontaneously help the reader understand the self, once contact is made inside the "heart garden." This book gives people a way to literally return to their own gardens. 
The book also gives the reader the ways to connect with their divine guidance. Based on classes taught by the author over a six year period, the book reveals answers to metaphysical questions answered by Dr. Lysne's Guides and transcribed by the author to support each person's healing and growth. Heart Path is a book for anyone wanting to grow and know their Divine Source more thoroughly. 
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Heart Path


Newest Poetry Book
Mosaic, New and Collected Poems, is a collection of 30 years of poetry from the author's life. Lysne explores this world and the spirit world and her own process capturing moments of time passing and evolving. Poet Laureate of Cupertino, Dave Denny says of Mosaic:

Robin White Turtle Lysne's Mosaic is a book of tenderness, awe, and depth. Lysne explores the natural world in the manner of the mystic. With a keen eye and open heart, she communes with wolf, owl, raven, and cat. Her poems reach deeply into relationships between family members, friends, and lovers. Throughout this vast collection, Lysne's brave poems explore the joys of a life richly lived and challenge us to do the same.

--David Denny, author of Some Divine Commotion and Fool in the Attic

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265 pages


Mosaic, New and Collected Poems


Poems for the Lost Deer
Poems for the Lost Deer offers a lament for Nature and what we are doing to our Mother Earth. The news articles and interviews of an actual event in 2008 are documented in the poems. Native Wisdom in harmony with nature is contrasted with Western-based capitalism.  The book addresses women's issues, emigration, and what patriarchy assumes it can do in our own National Park Service. 

Here is what others are saying about this book: 

"Poems for the Lost Deer is much more than poems.  It is a tract that is, at once, lamentation and praise song, dirge and testament and manifestation.  And an inquiry into values and hierarchy and a series of addresses to the faces of power. …"

C.S. Giscombe 
Author of Into and Out of Dislocation, and others 

"This (book) is passionate, compassionate, skillful, meticulous, graceful, vital, and heartbreaking.  …"
Heather Nagami, Author, Editor 

Echoing Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, Robin Lysne’s Poems for the Lost Deer documents the recent systematic slaughter of “non-native” Axis and Fallow deer from the Point Reyes National Seashore.  Presenting “what happened” in an assemblage of overlapping voices -- factual “evidence”. …Robin Lysne has given us, one whose time has come not a moment too soon.

Stephen Ratcliffe. Author of Real, Portraits and Repitition, and over 20 books of poetry and criticism, and is a long time Professor at Mills College. 

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Poems for the Lost Deer