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Summer Street is a great gift for the holidays for children of all ages! 
Read the stories to your little ones, or have them read them to you!

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Margaret Bond Smith's book Summer Street recalls stories from the turn of the last century in a time when people lived closer to the land. Set in New England, and told in short story chapters, Summer Street recalls the house the Bond family lived in and the challenges they faced together. Illustrated with delightful line drawings by Smith, the books gives children today a sense of how their great, great grandparents lived and what they did every day to survive and thrive. This book is a delight for anyone
who wants to share farming, town life and the crafts in a time past with children today. This is an especially perfect gift for children attending Waldorf Schools or nature-based charter schools.

The new edition is a hardcover book at $25.00 plus shipping and handling. Order 4 or more and you receive free shipping.
Summer Street