Blue Bone Books

Blue Bone Books

Book Art

Custom book art, sculptures, paintings and drawings, Robin Lysne will create heirloom items for your home or office. She focuses on works about and around our natural environment.  

Handmade paper sculpture, books and book art are available for sale. 

This sculpture is made from flax, cotton, and abacca fibers caste into sheets and attached to birchbark stems. Some flowers have already fallen and lay around the sculpture.
 Value: $500

Mutant Lilies

 is a one-of-a-kind handmade paper book with a long poem that begins with images of bees and birds and moves through all things that fly. The poem is handwritten on handmade paper pages made of abacca fiber paper and housed in a custom book box The binding is coptic bound with linen thread. The book was part of 500 Handmade Books edited by Julie Chen. This one of a kind book is made uniquely each time it is custom made for you. Each book takes 100 hours or more to produce. Suitable for children of all ages. It can be yours for $1000 us dollars. To place an order, just email rhlysne (at) 
Thorns of Longing
Thorns of Longing is a custom book made in windows with a poem that offer the reader abstract imagery in push-war technique or dry brush on Arches handmade paper. Value: $250

Thorns of Longing