Blue Bone Books
P.O. Box 2250, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-2250 
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Blue Bone Books publishes poetry, children's and spiritual books that have relevance to today's cultural changes necessary to inspire our new emerging world culture.
There are three divisions:

Blue Bones Books publishes multi-genre poets who are also painters, photographers, book artists, singers and seers. Most of the books show case their talents with their original visual or musical work presented with the poetry. Poets involved in the press must become part of the cooperative poetry press with monthly meetings in Santa Cruz. The other poets involved in the press are Marcia Adams, Robin White Turtle Lysne, Stuart Presley, Janet Trenchard, Lisa Simon, and Phil Wagner. Their books will be out soon.  

Metaphysical/Spiritual Books
The first book published by Blue Bone Books was Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides in 2007. Other books are Meldek, the first 1000 years, by Doug and Carol Horner and their guides. The newest book is Heart Path Handbook, and Energy Medicine Guide, for Therapists and Healers

Children's Books
A New Edition of the book in hardback is available now! The first book published in the children's division is Summer Street by Margaret Bond Smith.  Summer Street is the story of Margaret Bond Smith's childhood on the East Coast, during the last century. The adventures, challenges and triumphs of the Smith family are relevant to today's children. The book teaches children how to do things we take for granted today through the story of Florence and her brothers and sisters. It is complete with illustrations by the author. This book is perfect for 3rd graders and is offered in Waldorf Schools in Alamo, CA and across the country! 

Newest Release! Mosaic: New and Collected Poems
Mosaic: New and Collected Poems transports the reader through the life of the poet with poems at every life stage, marriage, rites of passage, death and birth. Lysne shares portraits of people, lovers and creatures as she comes into each moment. Nature poems and her own process of evolution, dreams and visions are also shared.

$15.00 with $5.00 shipping and handling. Free shipping when ordering 4 or more. See Poetry Page for ordering information.

Robin White Turtle Lysne's Mosaic is a book of tenderness, awe, and depth. Lysne explores the natural world in the manner of the mystic. With a keen eye and open heart, she communes with wolf, owl, raven, and cat. Her poems reach deeply into relationships between family members, friends, and lovers. Throughout this vast collection, Lysne's brave poems explore the joys of a life richly lived and challenge us to do the same.

--David Denny, author of Some Divine Commotion and Fool in the Attic.


Understory is Marcia Adams' new release!

Her first book, Understory is a weaving of memory and people that made a difference. Growing up in the California Mining Country, this book reflects the times and the people that were there with her. The influence of WWII, the losses and the threads of memory, Understory is a tribute to the tough stock from which she was born. It examines with tenderness the loving, fiesty, and tenacious mix that creates her Understory.  

$15.00 plus shipping. Free shipping for orders of four books or more!

What others are saying:

"Tender and hard-hitting, these “under-stories” are a visceral connection between history and family. 

Marcia Adams’ voice is immediate and close because her people “need to be remembered.”


Pegatha Hughes – Painting the Sun

See the Poetry Books page for more information! 

BBB is proud to present: Janet Trenchard's Infrared
Newest Release: Janet Trenchard's Infrared 
is a poetic montage of poetry and paintings spanning 20 years. Her first  book of poems, she traverses vast landscapes of personal dreams, visions, and self reflection.The book is pages, and has many original soul collage images complimenting the poems. Her painting enhances the cover. 

$15.00 with free shipping with four copies or more. 
Click the poetry tab to order your copy today! 

What Others are saying!

..Janet Trenchard’s first collection, Infrared, ...Unforgettable.


Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate (2011-2013), Editor-in-Chief of DMQ Review, author of three poetry collections, most recently Some Odd Afternoon.


These musical poems traverse a landscape of human encounters, some domestic, others alcohol-soaked, all compelling. ... These poems illuminate the unexpected links in life and love.


Erica Goss, Los Gatos, CA. Poet Laureate Emerita


Infrared is a luminous book. Like the artist she also is, Janet Trenchard paints with words, as in her opening poem, Spirits: “I need the color amber in the palm of my hand…” 


Dane Cervine, author of “How Therapists Dance”, and, “The Jeweled Net of Indra”

Metaphysicial Books
Latest Release
A devotional text, You Long For Me is a poetic inspirational text for those who want to contemplate their own Divine Nature. Amita gives you a direct experience of your authentic self in workshops and seminars. Now she offers this devotional text that helps you experience yourself. Amita is a spiritual teacher and seer whose intensives are centered around 'direct experience" of who you are as the original True Nature of the Universe.

$15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Free shipping for 4 or more. 
Heart Path Handbook, An Energy Medicine Guide is a book anyone can use to learn to love themselves. Illustrated with energy field anatomy and parts of the brain that support better understanding of the reader, the book offers the Heart Path Process, a guided imagery process, that brings unconscious beliefs or structures in the energy field to light to change or remove. Practitioners of Energy Medicine including doctors therapists, energy healers, massage therapists and acupuncturists will love this process and so will their clients , as the process is easy, and works to help each person grow in self-love. 
 The book supports the reader with suggestions by the author for greater understanding of how unwanted energies in the system prevent us from healing. It also offers energy medicine techniques that give the reader methods of practicing energy healing. as well as ways to support the best possible outcome of the Heart Path Process. 

The book is just $20.00 shipping and handling. A perfect gift for anyone practicing healing or wanting to move towards greater self-love.